Cutera® Pearl Fractional Skin Treatment

Really improve skin texture, color, and acne scarring.

Dr. Smith has been watching the evolution of resurfacing technology for many years. Early technologies like Erbium-YAG and CO2 laser either promised more than they delivered, or had risks and downtime that were unacceptable to Dr. Smith and his patients. Early fractional lasers (for example the Fraxel and the Sciton ProFractional) required up to six treatment sessions, caused considerable discomfort, and did not produce enough benefit to satisfy the needs of most patients.

Over the past 8 years fractional lasers have evolved, gradually improving their ability to deliver the safety, comfort and results that Dr. Smith and his patients seek. Finally, fractional ablative laser technology matured, and the Cutera® Pearl Fractional laser was introduced.

The Pearl Fractional ablative laser uses a wavelength of laser light in the “sweet spot” between those used by Erbium YAG and CO2 laser, giving Dr. Smith’s patients the right balance of resurfacing and regeneration of deeper tissues, and can deliver good results in one or occasionally two treatments, with a minimum of fuss and bother. Pearl Fractional laser treatment is a non-invasive treatment using a microscopic laser beam that treats a fraction of the skin at a time. This has bridged the gap between the ablative and non-ablative laser techniques used to treat sun-damaged and aging skin, treating both the epidermal and dermal layers of the skin.

Pearl Fractional stimulates your own natural repair and remodeling processes, refining deeper lines (in particular around the mouth and eyes), and smoothing out irregular texture, large pores and acne scarring. The color of the skin also improves, and brown discoloration from sun damage fades. The benefits of treatment with Pearl Fractional Laser resurfacing can last for many years, in particular when the patient reduces future skin damage by wearing sunscreen and minimizing smoking. Pearl Fractional treatment can be done before, after, or on the same day as treatment with BOTOX® and fillers.

Skin Treatment Consultation

Consultations can usually be arranged within a week or two simply by calling us at 905-356-7744. Treatment can often be done the same day as the consultation, or within a couple of weeks after the consultation.

Our staff can take the time to discuss your wishes and options, and answer your questions. No referral is required.


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Fractional Laser = A Fraction of the Time

 The other benefit to fractional laser is recovery time – or the lack of time it takes to get back to your regular routine. Fractional laser treatment itself takes less than 60 minutes, and patients go home shortly afterwards. Healing time is surprisingly brief. You get great results and don’t have to put your life on hold.

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