Long, Full, Dark Lashes… Naturally with Latisse®

Now, Dr. Smith can provide you with a highly effective, simple, safe medication that will stimulate your natural lash and brow follicles to produce longer, thicker, darker lashes and/or eyebrows. This is not“over-the-counter, hope-in- a-bottle” — this is the real thing, and it really works.

Within a couple of months most patients can see the difference, and after three to four months everyone can see the results.

Some of Dr. Smith’s patients are reporting that with this simple once-a-day treatment they are spending less time and money on mascara, eyeliner, and false eyelashes — and they enjoy the benefits of naturally longer, fuller, darker lashes.

Latisse® Consultation

Consultations can usually be arranged within a week or two simply by calling us at 905-356-7744. Treatment can often be done the same day as the consultation, or within a couple of weeks after the consultation.

Our staff can take the time to discuss your wishes and options, and answer your questions. No referral is required.

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Long, Full, Dark Lashes